Friday, October 9, 2015

Scriptures on sins

I got this info from the YouTube video  "Kanye West "think he"< my saying, mocks Jesus again!"

*1 Corinthians 6:9-10 * Romans 1:29-32

here are the sin which are the work of the flesh....

Witchcraft- spells,
third eye meditation,
palm reading,
acupuncture (demonic healing).
gambling (lottery, poker etc.)
adultery- sex outside marriage,
fornication- sexual before marriage
uncleanness- sexual immorality,
child molestation,
effeminate- homosexuality
and lesbianism
lasciviousness-sexual perversion all form of pornography
smoking drinking alcohol/wine/beer etc.
weed prescription
drug abuse
sensual dancing,
non-christian music idolatry- worship of idols or people (celebrities)

I got this info from the YouTube video  "Kanye West mocks Jesus again!"

my rough draft below

I got this info from the YouTube video  "Kanye West mocks Jesus again!"

brainstorming: all sin will be forgiving, gambling is not really gambling, not all magic is real magic,

Gambling: 10% * 10 individual = 100%
I buy one scratching ticket at 1 dollar and 9 individual do the same and we each add 10% extra to work together making it a total of 1 us bill;, so they pick which one will get is one scratching cards money back and voila, that person didn't really gamble and we start from there and beyond. The seller do the same and all the way to where it start, the family who pitching to have the possibility for the American dream.

magic: illusionist are not magicians and games with the word magic in it, does not make the technology magic, once you stop paying electricity, your so call video game of magic has no power, right?
I'mn not defending magic, I'm just saying update us wit6h pro and con of magic and fake magic.

about masturbation or sensual dancing:
it clearly say if you have practiced love with a virgin you can marry her and pay the price of marriage an if the dad deny it you can't marry her and your free to go.

stealing: My Savior said if someone wants from you give it to them.
Excuse me cop who put the handcuff on me, please bail me out, according to Matthew 5:40-42 I want to borrow half and take half from you, for the bailout and since y'all working together the jury and judge and all that you can give this message to, let them pitch in, either you borrow or take. good luck retiring, If they hated my savior they will hate you, because another scripture say if the one who borrow from you, who does not give you your money back, you are commanded to don't go after him and vice versa  and if you not a Christ follower you will get this saying "faith comes by hearing and hearing come by hearing the word of Christ.