Friday, January 8, 2016

FAQ for featured post King of fighter

you can look at the skill in skill list if the work are too small you can press ctrl and hold it than you magnify it by pressing the plus sign once you memorize it one by one or in one sitting you can unleash your move on your foe. don't forget to pratice your move in trainning mode once in a while.

tutorial for Ruy well since i already now some move i will tell you here hadouken: down, forward, and punch shoriuken: forward, down, forward, punch asepsepkouliken: down, backward, kick concetraded hadouken: (down, forward (2 time) punch to use powerful move you would of need a bar of energy that's under your health bar.

The only bread Violence say the Lord, you are right and I'm sorry seek my heart o Lord, for you are right and a Righteous God, I must stay holy as my Father in heaven. please forgive me and understand that as a men I must conquer and conquer again, you told me I can sing praise in the midst of battle for the victory is you, so sing a son to God lift up your hand and give him glory for the battle is for him the God of Victory

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