Sunday, September 21, 2014

Unheard hero, I want to here them now. quick summary

9/21/2014 update

well this was a quick reference from yesterday, I did receive some prayer, and guidance from the church and go to church talk to pastor of west side Nazarene, I told him my story and he said everything will be fine and i didn't doubt him and on the same dayh I found something that will help me prove that I lived in the USA, here is my proof my mom always give me the look when i show her my small earning that I did only, I'm the first to make money online in the Sainvil Family, OF COURSE WHEN I say first we all know our lord and Savior in the Sainvil family did all the lifting. to be continued....

quick summary

who, what, where, and when?

who-I want to funds unborn baby loans with no-string or laws so that they can pay "rent stomach." parent pay house rent or get kick out, so why can't I afford to pay 9 month of stomach rent because you think you can't afford it, ladies? The reason is because my family never help me pay rent get a receipt of the bill and I keep a copy of a letter sent to me by mail.
there's more than five cell phone contract for two year in the house and they never buy a family phone contract for 6 people let me pay a little of it and give me a receipt and a letter to let me prove that I pay bill. and they trow all of there family hate words from time to time. since I was a boy "cut your hair"{, Like as if I can't get long hair and make hair style of my hair like I want to, not because of reason of race and gender. I can't bring a tambourine in church service, because they found a good excuse like your not in a choir, I can't walk with a staff, but I have to repeat in every house hours of worship psalm 23
" which said Thy rod and Thy staff they protect me, my brother invite me to his B-day I can't get in one of my sister car she in, there's two  to pick and go to the invitation, unless if I put the attached chain bible of old and new testament at home, my staff at home, and my tambourine. I made it with all of my stuff by making Kimberly go with her and gave out some free booklet gospel of John with different cover to a Spanish couple at McDonald and a Chinese woman, and three more gospel of john was given to her for Spanish worker at New China Buffet.

what- I want to pay rent with the family I live with, I can't, I filled out a lot of info for deferred child program after waiting for two year later that I need a bunch of info, and I don't know if five year of proof of address info will be gather in time before December deadline for year 2007-2012, I wanted to fund Obama campaign with credit card, I can't, after been here since 2000-2014, I want my business to flourish and start as fast as I can, I can't.

where- I want to fund them and no program is put in place and the biggest Christian TV network only accept my money for satellite payment, or make a free prayer request, and they don't thank their God for the move I decided to help their cause do, and it's to preach the good news and I feel like is only doing this as he was training do, and not s the lord inspire him to do.

when-09/21/2014, before that date I call 411, no help, 911 non-emergency, dispatch comes listen and can't take me where I need to be, take my info, don't repeat back what I said because of long story, let an unborn baby die that day. call mayor Secretariat office of Indiana, no help, call phone number where I can fund Obama campaign, that I got in a email, with no way to unsubscribe, that is so unbelievable able, even if a CNN report access my account found a Obama email which I'm subscribe to "to hear wonderful news and update but didn't get that" and wanted to unsubscribe, he/she will fail.  even thought I found out that it's only to subscribe to campaign, I can't unsubscribe. I have the solution to help him with Agape. Greek words of love. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

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