Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Frequently Asked Question- Prayer

how can I accept Jesus Christ into my life?

First- you need to be baptize in the name of The Father the Son and Holy Spirit.
Second- Confess to Jesus Christ your sin before sun down according to old testament
Third- accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior by the confession of  the mouth
fourth- be baptize in the Holy Spirit
Fifth- preach to all the people
sixth- mention all the commandment of God all of them to be great among your brethren and bear fruit
Seven- follow what you preach, know in your heart that you preach what you practice

The FAQ about Raiden x sound?
you can lower the volume in setting.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

when i click the game menu tab I hear too many game playing at the same time, how do I make it stop?

click on the game title and it will take you to that single game for you to play, all game are in a different post :).

when i click on the banner page some banner is not showing up,what can i do to fix that?

well you can switch browser. :)

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About Me

Bonjour, my name is Jean. as you can see this is my blog from blogger dot com.

Your donation is going to help me built a website and I got a domain call Jean Sainvil dot com

I'm going to use the money for the plugins, the contents, the 1800 phone number, fax machine number, the LLC 

company name Jean Sainvil, the support team, and to fix my health problem too.If you want me to use the 

money for specific reason you can ask me, and I do accept prayer request. In a Christian kind of way I will 

pray for you healing, your relationship, those who are already dead in the flesh not in Spirit, your family, 

quick note I've learned that there's only one mediator between God and Man and it's Jesus, so as you can 

see I will be praying to the Father by talking to Jesus. okay, now that's clearing the way of how things get 

done. I believe that you will make due diligence and research before you start interacting with me and please 

help me clarify thing's more by using the contact form on the right side of my website. I hope that I will be 

able to build a frequently asked question page soon. Like Me on  Facebook, do a video chat with me on 

Skype ID: Jean.Sainvil and let our joy be made whole.

about me page update 2
I am a male (obese) 250+ pound 6'01" Black/African America Black Hair Brown Eye nail hair grow

fast light chocolate complexion penis 7+ hard inches I can speak French fluently calling music

"voulez vous coucher avec moi se soir" I attended tournament in yugioh at pensilvania Philadelphia

and Indiana Indianapolis booster tournament pack first pack was needle worm worth 300 dollar

convention center sneap peek won all attending first place twice yugioh internationnal championship

convention center indiana top 500 player, medal and trophy won in race and usa top three

undeafeated and top three in French kids school wrestling 130 pound weight varsity team mlk hs

third place team made it to the final I am in my 20s 10s and under walked talked understanded use

restroom shower cook fold cloth bed time school 19s and under drive puberty had a girl friend first

kiss in america went to prom worked finished lots of book ad bible old and new testament I have a

hobby it's to play with opposite sex; buy; loan; sex; marriage, honey moon, anniversary, date,

vacation, house, mansion, jet air plane, car, and rv w/ opposite sex I live in the united state of

America 50+ state brooklyin ohio conneticut I am a Christian I have a journey

 this is about me with some description that are cool, uncool's about me and pros and cons

My InboxDollars journey

BBB Accredited Business since 03/14/2012
CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc.
Phone: (651) 289-0720Fax: (651) 289-0721
1295 Northland Dr Ste 300,Mendota Heights,MN55120-1380

  • See more at:
  • http://www.bbb.org/minnesota/business-reviews/internet-shopping/cotterweb-enterprises-in-mendota-heights-mn-96002966#sthash.u20eGz1B.dpuf
BBB file opened: 05/14/2003
Business started:01/01/2006
Business started locally:04/18/2006

this was my first check in America

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hello again do you like the new stat and possibility?
I do.
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History Of My Past Event

My Naruto story

I told my Mom, Mother, Mama, Mommy, Ma, do you remember when I say you never came to my football games, Chess Games, and Wrestling Games, well guess what I was “Highest Ladder Rank Achieved: 1, twice”

Naruto Theme from Naruto Music on Myspace.

I just Said I was Hokage TWICE , than I played the Naruto theme on MySpace

the way I Sing it was what made me understand my new career Allelujah songs to the beat of the music I Like.

Long story short I was all hype and everything, I used my tambourine like I was making basketball moves, when I was performing a front of two Mormon woman that couldn't get into my house if there was no grow up woman in there, I place the table outside and some chairs for them, and when they ask me if I wanted to seat down, I said I'm okay, I was football player, a chess player, wrestler caring people like fireman style and I was the light weight person among the team of people older than me Like 11th grades and Senior, also I was going from the beginning of the stair to the 4th-5th flour ten time, and yes I do skip step to make it a faster way to finish this workout, but wait there's more I have to run laps in the hallways, and you know that I can't skip step on that, so my coach saw that I was slacking off Coach Mr. Booker from MLK High School told me to do push up and if you a wrestler you know how it go, by the sound of his voice “up, down,up,down ETC..., and that why I don't slack off in running laps with him. Lol, good time; and I was in the JROTC, I told them my Daddy live in our worship and I perform this play “Naruto theme plus Alleluia to the beat Style of the TSFC hidden Technique” that I did in Home Evangelist service , they were laugh and stuff and we had a good time, couple of conversation and stuff.

Blooper Hokage made it sound Like I was confessing a none truth statement like I was Gay or something, LOL ; )

Join Naruto-Arena.com - Your #1 Online Multiplayer Naruto Game !

Update January 6, 2016 trophy time, undefeated top three :)
ps: if we must boast we must boast about the Lord

Yes I got a picture of my first trophy, in  a Chess tournament that I play at  the beginner level  in the USA, I was representing MLK High School at that time, only my coach,  James and me attended the tournament, and I was given the title of undefeated in the top three position, they even announce it at School on the speaker phone about my victory,  because I was good (cough... Faithful). They only rented the place for a short amount of time and that's what made me not been able to prove the title of no.1 in the tournament. What's really good about Us been in the first Chess Team and the First Chess Club for MLK High School, was that we were the first (cough... avenger... Hosanna is the strongest there is...) to be in this program for MLK High School (cough.. That's on small step for a man, and one big leap for mankind .  I will add more info later. ;) 

10/24/2014 New update: I'm a 80s baby and I'm proud, so here we go

PlayStation is my favorite brand between Nintendo and Microsoft and it