Monday, March 14, 2016

Social Media Basic $747 The Social Media Basic package will drive awareness, calls, and foot traffic for local businesses that have a physical office or is location-specific. It focuses on sophisticated targeting, high-quality creatives, and turnkey social media service to propel results and provide ROI on the business.
  • All-in-one social media package covering all social media activities for the business with specific activities for custom requirements of the business.
  • Professional content management with blended unique and sourced content provided in a one-month calendar for review and approval at the start of each month.
  • Total social media strategy covering all aspects of online branding and social media - branding guidelines, message tracks, persona, engagement strategy, content strategy, verticals, and escalation process.
  • Customizable goals for Social Media - content, engagement, and posting tailored specifically for the goal selected. GOALS:
    • Traffic - generate traffic for your website
      • Awareness - generate awareness for your brand or for specific parts of the brand
    • Engagement - engage fans to interact with the page and develop brand loyalty/ambassadorship
    • Customer Service - focus on providing customer service or taking in feedback from customers MONTH 1: CAMPAIGN SETUP AND STRATEGY
      ·         Social Media Audit
      ·         Social Media Playbook
      o   Six month goals and timelines
      o   Buyer Persona
      o   Communications Objective
      o   Content Strategy and Content Verticals
      o   Response Protocol/Escalation Process
      o   Message Tracks for Each type of Comment
      o   Tailored audience for the page
      ·         Account Creation and Optimization
      ·         Profile Picture Creation and Cover Photo Creation

      ·         Monthly Content Planning
      o   Content provided a week before actual posting
      ·         Content Creation
      o   10 high quality graphics every month
      o   2 Ads Created (graphics, text)
      ·         Monthly Social Media Paid Ad Campaign Management
      o   2 Ads Created
      o   Budget Recommendation (according to goals)
      o   Client needs to provide budget
      ·         Follower Growth
      ·         Social Media Reporting
      o   Monthly Social Media Report (Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter) - One report for each platform
      §  Social Media Snapshot (Overview)
      §  Network Growth/Reach
      §  Engagement Report 
      §  Content Report/Content Consumption
      §  Customer Service Report
      o   Social Media Insights
      §  Manually Created Analysis for the Month

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