Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bonjour God is love and Emmanuel Jesus is Son and with the Holy Spirit Trinity is here to save us and I love you

Main Character of coming soon book Kay by a beginner author by Jean Sainvil

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In God We Trust-Blessed is the man who comes in the name of the Lord amen in Emmanuel Jesus name. I believe Emmanuel Jesus is Lord OF Lords Savior King of Kings the word of God and a commandment was given by the Father is to give is life and take it back, a woman prepare him for burial and the priest, pharisee hand him to Romans authority to be crucifies and the foundation of the earth open up to God face and arrow shoot out of His mouth the get of hell open he rose on the third day according to old testament.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

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bonjour i love you

i believe jesus is lord and saviour and a woman prepare him for his burial and on the third day of his killing he rose again and conquer death at calvery cross where the romans killed him by making him gave up the ghost and it was a miracle for he knew no sin but made himself sin for us. those who deny the only beggoten son of God death will be judge.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Unrestricted post part one.

Bonjour, I would like to start with name calling SJO style technique, definition: in order to remember other people names I link them with past memory event my favorite is "Jesus" I go like 

Hey Go The SuS.
Hey Go D. SuS

(as you can see my shortening of word is kind of different.)

Why is Ms.heather feel under the Weather?

Mr. Bob can you fix it? I see you with them glasses you went to your bob the builder asset.

Mr. Roy remind me of my friend  Roy the one with the Harley Davidson; and when Bob the builder and Roy 

come close together I shout Bob Royaaaman  

Ms. Michelle do you remember when I call you Michelle Obama, and you said I could be that woman, but I 

know you are more than a woman, the Hospital work need you it's not you who need them, take pride of 

been a woman look up in the sky the Abba Trinity Jesus love you; love is kind.

people keep telling that love is a strong word, but I'm telling the Greek has five type of love and my love for 

ya is agape an unconditional.  

to be continued 


Friday, January 8, 2016

FAQ for featured post King of fighter

you can look at the skill in skill list if the work are too small you can press ctrl and hold it than you magnify it by pressing the plus sign once you memorize it one by one or in one sitting you can unleash your move on your foe. don't forget to pratice your move in trainning mode once in a while.

tutorial for Ruy well since i already now some move i will tell you here hadouken: down, forward, and punch shoriuken: forward, down, forward, punch asepsepkouliken: down, backward, kick concetraded hadouken: (down, forward (2 time) punch to use powerful move you would of need a bar of energy that's under your health bar.

The only bread Violence say the Lord, you are right and I'm sorry seek my heart o Lord, for you are right and a Righteous God, I must stay holy as my Father in heaven. please forgive me and understand that as a men I must conquer and conquer again, you told me I can sing praise in the midst of battle for the victory is you, so sing a son to God lift up your hand and give him glory for the battle is for him the God of Victory