Thursday, May 12, 2016

Jean Sainvil Blogger blog post of may 12, 2016 in Carmel Indiana, USA

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United State of America for one nation under God indivisible and the republic for which it stand with liberty and justice for all.

Hi my name is Jean Okel Junior Sainvil and I am the author of this post and I welcome you as a reader with different ethnicity, color, race, ,background, gender, religious belief and thought. 

If you feel pain, drowsiness, light head, like vomiting, like suicidal, and discomfort. Please prayer with me.

Say Jesus... Please take your time and magnify the name of the Lord son, JESUS. give him five minute and He will give us an eternity of joy, peace, self control, kindness, long suffering, endurance, meekness, love and ever lasting mercy.

Say it calmly and with a soft low tone of voice and say...  When two or three are gather in my name I am here in the midst of them... And say come Lord son, Jesus. The Amen which mean let it be so, I am speaking to you my name is such such, say your name and he know you by name, tell him than after the pray tell me your sin, no need for phone, keyboard pc paper, letter, or a trip, because there is only one body, but if we see each other we can pray about, just like the Lord Son ask, Jesus Jesus said we must confess our sins among each other and humble our selves and pray that I you he she it we you they sin is forgiving. Thanks to the Blood of Jesus grace which was shed for the sin of many...

Now say, those The Lord which mean master Son, Jesus which mean God is Salvation. Those who the Son set free is free in deed...

Now be free in the name of Jesus which mean God is Salvation and preach the Gospel to all leaving creature and flesh. Tell them I went to the Father and sent a Comforter which mean he as sent us the Holy Spirit which the world know not according to the scripture in the Bible which mean Book but is pronounced Bible.

This post was posted 21:16 in my room which is the dining room I am staying at I was typing this while watching Joel Osteen on TBN and now Pastor Joseph Prince is preaching Number 14:23 when God was preaching thru Moses to the Israelites. Still on TBN network channel 560 at and t..