Saturday, August 26, 2017

Jesus born crucified and raised

Hi my name is Jean Okel Junior Sainvil and this is my story.
I live in the United State of America since the year 2000 and france since the year 1987 where I was born in Paris Bondy hospital.
I was raised in a christian family, attending church at home and where I live at.
I drink the blood and the flesh of Jesus Christ as a holy communion and remembrance of him, which is bread and wine and with gathered people which are in a christian faith.
The first communion happened 2000 years ago when jesus was having pass over with his disciple which became is friend for they know what the master is doing. The master was born of the virgin Mary whose husband is Joseph and who was told by an angel she should have a son of virgin birth and he shall be call Emmanuel and Joseph call him Jesus which mean in online dictionary God is Salvation. My name Jean which mean God is righteous. He later was killed and praised by the angel that he lived a holy life all is life and God accepted is death and raise Jesus from the dead for the ransom is worthy to pay for your sin and my sin and for the ministry the church he started.  

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