Opel Dorsal Concept

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👤Project Author: Eli Eljesah Shala

🎵Music: QUEEN OF THE SKIES By Nicolai Heidlas
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0


The Opel Dorsal is a new compact car concept for Opel.The car targets young people.The Opel Dorsal is a semi-autonomous.Therefore it can also be used by young people under 18.The main design consists of a main body, which is covered with two side-panels.The panels are the doors of the car.
The ”dorsal fin” theme design hides the door cutlines and gives the car its unique look.
The Opel Dorsal has a big sliding door to provide a comfortable entrance.The doors open automatically.
The form-language of the Opel Dorsal is a balanced mixture between emotional soft surfaces and technical form treatment to fit the Opel design language.

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