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Seven-year-old Angelina lives in a small town in Southern Ukraine. For five years, she’s suffered with a terrible pain in her ears.

“It hurts so bad I can’t even touch it,” says little Angelina.

Sometimes Angelina’s mother can’t brush her daughter’s hair because it hurts so much.

“There is a constant flow of blood coming out of her ear, and a terrible smell of infection,” says Tanya, Angelina’s mother. “She has headaches all the time and cries because of the pain.”

Over the past five years, Angelina’s parents paid for three unsuccessful surgeries. They ran out of money and hope.

“I was told my daughter had only a few days left to live,” remembers Tanya. “The doctor said the membrane in her ear could rupture at any moment. The infection would reach her brain and she would die.”

The family had no money left for another surgery. So Angelina prayed and asked God for a miracle.

“I asked for my ear to stop aching,” says Angelina. “I just wanted to sleep well so I could study at school.”

Then Angelina’s mother remembered the team of CBN doctors that came to their town to hold free medical clinics. In her desperation, she picked up the phone and called CBN medical director Galina Kucher.

“It was instantly clear that the situation was serious and the parents had nobody to turn to for help,” says Galina. “We knew they would lose their child if we didn’t act quickly.”

CBN’s Orphan’s Promise paid for Angelina to go to one of the best ear clinics in the country. CBN’s Orphan’s Promise paid for her surgeries and soon she returned home pain free.

“I have no more headaches or pain in my ear,” says Angelina. “I can sleep well, study and play.”

“We don’t have sleepless nights anymore,” says Tanya. “She has stopped crying and suffering. As a mother, that fills my heart with joy. I’m very grateful for everyone who helped us.”

“Thank you all so much,” says Angelina.

This story first aired January 2013.

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