How to use your Alexa device to control DIRECTV | DIRECTV Support

Learn how to control your DIRECTV viewing experience with just your voice using the DIRECTV Alexa skill. Learn more at

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How to use your Alexa device to control DIRECTV | DIRECTV Support

Make your DIRECTV entertainment easier than ever to control– with Alexa.

Misplace your remote? No problem!
With just your voice you can change channels, find, play, and record your favorite shows, and pause and resume the show you are watching.

(Other, unseen voice:
“Alexa, tune to HBO”)

To get started, download the Alexa app from your favorite app store.
If you’d like, you can also enable the DIRECTV Alexa skill online at

Make sure your Alexa device and DIRECTV device are connected to the Internet by pressing the right arrow twice on your DIRECTV remote.

If the DIRECTV interactive TV app list appears, you’re connected.

If this is the first time you’ve used the Alexa app, go thru the simple initial setup steps after it’s downloaded.

Once the Alexa app is set up, just tap the 3-bar Menu icon. Then tap “Settings”, tap “TV & Video”, tap “DIRECTV”, and then tap “ENABLE SKILL”.

Now just link your Alexa device to your DIRECTV account.

When asked, sign in with the same ID you use to sign in to your DIRECTV account.

If you have multiple AT&T accounts, select your DIRECTV account and continue.

The DIRECTV Alexa app will automatically look for nearby DIRECTV devices – just choose the DIRECTV device you’d like Alexa to control.

Then choose the Alexa device to use and select “LINK DEVICES”

Please note: you can use more than one Alexa device to control a single TV, but you can’t use one Alexa to control multiple TVs.

If you want to connect another DIRECTV device to a different Alexa device, select “Set up a DIRECTV Device”.

Or, use the back button to return to your DIRECTV settings.

Enjoy taking control of DIRECTV with just your voice!
(off screen voice) “Alexa, search for comedy movies.”

Need help? Just go to and enter “Alexa” in the search box.

Thank you for choosing AT&T

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