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: AT&T eBonding, a customized software interface, connects your organization’s internal systems and processes directly with AT&T operational systems. Streamline your business operations and perform transactions faster and more accurately than even before. Take few minutes and learn how AT&T eBonding can give you a competitive edge.

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Gain a competitive edge with AT&T eBonding.

AT&T eBonding’s productivity-enhancing capabilities allow your internal systems to interact directly with AT&T operational systems.

With eBonding, you’ll realize a greater return on your network and infrastructure investment by leveraging access to the AT&T network management and service-delivery systems.

Learn how to streamline your business operations with AT&T and perform transactions faster and more accurately than ever before.

Using a secure business-to-business gateway, AT&T eBonding integrates your organization’s systems and processes directly with ours.

Using this gateway, your IT service- management tools exchange secure messages with AT&T.

These messages follow predefined conventions, so they’re understood at both ends of the connection…

…letting your systems complete many of the transactions you now have to perform manually…

…for a wide variety of AT&T products and services.

Reap the benefits of automation with eBonding.

Save time!

You can eliminate having to retype information from your systems into ours, while drastically reducing the errors and rework so typical of manual data entry.

Through eBonding integration, you can perform more transactions at a significantly reduced cost per transaction.

This increased efficiency can be transformed into higher productivity for your staff.

The end result…you save time and money with eBonding…

..and it’s readily available when you are.

Just listen to some of the impressive results our customers are reporting.

One is saving up to 30 minutes per trouble ticket,

another has doubled the productivity of their network-management team,

and still another is seeing their orders get filled days faster than before.

Of course, your organization’s results may differ, but these examples illustrate the possibilities available with AT&T eBonding.

Interested in learning more about eBonding?

Look on the AT&T Enterprise Business Customer Center.

Or, contact your AT&T account team.

Your account team can also confirm whether AT&T eBonding is the right solution for you.

And when you subscribe to eBonding, we’re ready to offer assistance when you need it.

Thank you for learning more about AT&T eBonding.

And thank you for choosing AT&T.

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