Portal/Portal Mini Inside and Out

Learn more about Facebook 10″ Portal with Alexa: https://bby.me/53b5n
Learn more about Facebook 8″ Portal Mini with Alexa: https://bby.me/zm3we

In-Home Advisor Isaiah shows you the Portal from Facebook, inside and out of the box. See how easy it is to set up and enjoy all this entertaining device can do – especially excellent video calling.

You’ll learn how to select a good location for your Portal or Portal Mini, and how to get it connected to your Facebook or WhatsApp account.

Watch a demo of the smart camera, which follows you as you move, so you’re always in frame. And watch Isaiah use voice control to make a video call with a friend, showing off the augmented reality that makes every call a new chance for fun.

Another cool thing about the Portal: you’re always in control of your privacy. Isaiah shows you how easy it is to disable the camera and microphone when not in use.

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