Imagine There’s No Hunger With Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki

Imagine There’s No Hunger ( has helped provide food for and teach sustainable agriculture to millions of children all over the world. Its positive message has inspired everyone from charity workers to rockstars to do their part working toward a world free from hunger.

Recently, Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki reached out with this promotional video to show their support. Featuring members from some of the world’s most respected rock bands and rising artists: Tarja Turunen, Lauri Ylönen (The Rasmus), Jussi 69 (The 69 Eyes), Nathan J. Biggs (Sonic Syndicate), Toni Marie Iommi, Niki Rock (Barbe-Q-Barbies), Isaac Elliot (Isaac Elliot), Johanna “Jonsu” Salomaa (Indica), it encourages fans and music lovers worldwide to pull together and make it a difference – “Childhood hunger is a real problem, but together we can stop it!”

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