What Would Jesus Do Regarding Race & Justice? | Overtime

Overtime: What Would Jesus Do Regarding Race & Justice? In this episode of Overtime, we’re looking at how Jesus reacted to people who were racially and ethnically different from him while he was on earth. As always, we encourage you to ask questions in the comment section below! We will try to answer them on our next episode of Overtime. See ya then!

This is Overtime, a series hosted by Josh Carman, created to answer some of your comments from Time Out. We hope to give you a better understanding of what we, as Christians, believe.

Time Stamps
0:00 Race and Ethnicity
0:27 Intro
0:44 Jesus Violates Culture Norms
1:11 The Context
2:28 The Syrophoenician Woman
3:45 Gentiles are Defiled Dogs
4:20 Jesus the Racist?
5:05 The Woman’s Response
7:05 A Proper Faith Response
7:23 Racism & the Church: So What?
9:21 To Our White Brothers and Sisters
10:00 What Racial Reconciliation Looks Like: Christ

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