Charge 3 gadgets at once with Nomad Base Station Pro; now available

Nomad Base Station Pro is a “full surface” wireless charging mat. Just lay up to three gadgets on the pad and it will automatically direct wireless charging to them. No need to find a “sweet spot” for proper charging.

The device is reminiscent of Apple’s never-launched AirPower, but the key difference is that it will not charge the Apple Watch, as it is not using the Qi wireless charging standard.

***Compatibility notes: In my testing, I noticed some erratic charging behavior on certain Android devices. When I reached out to Nomad, they said they are aware and working on a software fix. For now, the company says the device supports iPhone 8 and above, all AirPods wireless charging cases and Samsung devices 2019 and up (although the Note20 Ultra seems to have issues on it). Full support for Pixel devices is expected in the software update. OnePlus had no issues in my testing.

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Base Station Pro

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