TITLE: North Carolina Grill Master Crowned LongHorn’s 2019 Steak Master Champion

Hundreds gathered on May 16 to celebrate the championship round of LongHorn Steakhouse’s epic grilling competition, the Steak Master Series. After months of intense grill-offs, the seven top Grill Masters in the country went head-to-head – and Eric Bates’ name has been seared in history as the 2019 Steak Master Series Champion.

This marks the fourth year of the Steak Master Series, an annual event that puts LongHorn’s quality standards to the test and recognizes its Grill Masters for their level of skill and dedication to quality. The competition kicked off in February, where thousands of Grill Masters from LongHorn’s family of more than 510 restaurants participated in a rigorous series of rounds that put their skills at the grill to the ultimate test. Throughout the competition, more than $200,000 has been awarded to winners at the restaurant, regional and divisional level.

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