The Ascended Masters Rap Song! (ft. Kosmic T)

Check out the EP & Listen Here:

This project began when the two of us first connected and found a strong friendship between each other, with mutual respect for each others work. We discussed the possibility of collaborating on something, and played with the idea of making a music video.

The next thing you know, this 3-song EP was born, comprising of songs about Ascended Masters, Earth Changes, and Psychedelic Transformation.

We hope you enjoy the whole thing! With your support, we would be thrilled to produce the rest of the music videos in the EP, and even make a bunch more songs!


Listen to Kosmic T’s Music:

Instrumental for Entheogenesis by Momentology and Ryan Herr:

Instrumental for “Ascended Masters Rap” and “Earth Changes” by Aquatic Astronaut

Mixing and mastering for all songs by Paulo Germano

Album art by Jordan River
Shirt Designs by Jordan River

Lyrics and Singing:
Jordan River (Patchman), Tanin Shunter (Kosmic T), Amelia Mapstone (She-Patch)

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