Unbelievable Hockey Shot | Former Patient Donates Winnings

Richard Marsh, a 73-year-old, former St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana patient participated in a challenge at an Indiana Ice game. He was asked to hit a 3 inch diameter puck 175 feet into a hole just over 3 inches wide.

“I had people coming down out of the stands saying I’ve been coming here 30 years and nobody’s ever made that shot,” he said.

But as soon as the celebrating began so did the controversy. The insurance company underwriting the contest disqualified Marsh for making the shot from in front of the designated line. He said he never knew he had to be behind it.

In response to outrage from fans, the Indiana Ice will donate an undisclosed amount of money to St.Vincent Heart Center and the American Heart Association anyway.

“We are doing this because it was a close call and a generous gesture by a loyal fan. Indiana Ice thanks our fan base for supporting the team,” the team said.

Marsh said he holds no hard feelings, he’s happy things will work out. His connection to St. Vincent is personal. Four years ago, doctors there saved his life with double bypass surgery. He said he’s just thankful for the chance to give back.

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