Westfield (Indiana) Safety Festival – CPR Dance

St.Vincent Carmel Hospital sponsored this year’s Westfield Safety Festival. The hospital provided health education and screenings. Several thousand local families attended the festival and learned about home and personal safety issues. One safety demonstration received special attention from attendees.

Hospital nurse and American Heart Association coordinator, Joyce Jobs, demonstrated CPR techniques for the crowd. Rather than simply stating the information at a booth, Jobs got creative.

The American Heart Association recommends chest compressions performed “at least 100 times per minute and at least 2 inches deep” to best assist blood circulation in a person whose heart has stopped pumping blood. The song “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees has a musical rhythm of 100 beats per minute, and is an easy way to remember how fast to compress the chest. Also, the song title is so appropriate!

Two Westfield firefighters, Don Anderson and John Barrett, and event some mascots helped get the crowd into it with a special dance.

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