Weight Loss Success Story: Larry

Weight gain affected Larry’s life as a husband, dad, coach and friend. Losing more than 185 pounds through bariatric surgery at the Franciscan Health Weight Loss Center in Indianapolis, Larry is now able to enjoy his life, be more engaged in his family and inspire his friends to make healthier choices. Watch Larry’s motivating story… Continue reading Weight Loss Success Story: Larry

POWERFUL abortion interview will leave you in TEARS

With the New York abortion law being passed, this powerful abortion interview couldn’t be more relevant. Watch our brand-new pro-life film, “7 Reasons,” HERE: http://www.7ReasonsMovie.com 8 minds changed on abortion in SECONDS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y2KsU_dhwI Get Ray’s book addressing suicide and depression here: http://store.livingwaters.com/books/the-final-curtain.html Watch more free videos and get other resources by Ray Comfort and the… Continue reading POWERFUL abortion interview will leave you in TEARS

Signs of the Future America and World

Best-selling author, Jonathan Cahn, reveals more secrets to the future of America and the world in his new book, “The Harbinger II.” ► PARTNER with CBN ministries: http://share.cbn.com/5ds49 ► CLICK to learn more about CBN ministries: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4a ► WATCH more stories: http://now.CBN.com/XjMf50vVeZE ► CLICK to experience God’s love, purpose and forgiveness in your life: http://share.cbn.com/5ds47… Continue reading Signs of the Future America and World

Meet Don

At Olive Garden, our soup and sauce masters craft their dishes by hand and from scratch. Check out their stories here. Because they know cooking that way – the Italian way- everything tastes better. It’s that simple. And in this video, they’ll tell their stories first hand, and how they add pride and passion to… Continue reading Meet Don

Do THIS and You’re Messing with Demons

Ray Comfort shares the gospel with someone who’s into spiritualism. She has a tattoo that means “death” on her chest, and says she communicates with “familiar spirits”…which is another term for demons. Get our award-winning Evidence Study Bible here: http://store.livingwaters.com/books/evidence-bible.html Visit https://www.LivingWaters.com to view more free Christian videos, articles, and to get tracts and other… Continue reading Do THIS and You’re Messing with Demons

Zephyr Endobronchial Valve Testimonial: Joellen Reinhardt (COPD Survivor)

Joellen Reinhardt tells us about her positive experience as a COPD survivor treated with the Zephyr Endobronchial Valve at our Franciscan Health Interventional Pulmonology Clinic in Indianapolis. The Zephyr Endobronchial Valve is an FDA-approved procedure that requires no incisions or cutting. The technology is designed to vastly improve a patient’s quality of life. Severe emphysema… Continue reading Zephyr Endobronchial Valve Testimonial: Joellen Reinhardt (COPD Survivor)

Hating the Sin He Once Loved – CBN.com

Jay made a mess of his life with drugs and violence. A trip to church brought the change he wasn’t sure he wanted, but desperately needed… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com