Moroni Invites All to Gain a Witness of the Book of Mormon

Even in tumultuous times, we can find hope in Jesus Christ. Moroni, the last prophet in the Book of Mormon, witnessed the destruction of his nation. While this was a dark time for Moroni, he was reminded that hope and light would come to God’s children in the latter days. That light and hope comes… Continue reading Moroni Invites All to Gain a Witness of the Book of Mormon

Ether 1 | Book of Mormon Audio

The Book of Ether The record of the Jaredites, taken from the twenty-four plates found by the people of Limhi in the days of King Mosiah. Chapter 1 Moroni abridges the writings of Ether—Ether’s genealogy is set forth—The language of the Jaredites is not confounded at the Tower of Babel—The Lord promises to lead them… Continue reading Ether 1 | Book of Mormon Audio

Moroni 10 | Book of Mormon Audio

A testimony of the Book of Mormon comes by the power of the Holy Ghost—The gifts of the Spirit are dispensed to the faithful—Spiritual gifts always accompany faith—Moroni’s words speak from the dust—Come unto Christ, be perfected in Him, and sanctify your souls. About A.D. 421. Read Moroni 10 here:

3 Nephi 16 | Book of Mormon Audio

Jesus will visit others of the lost sheep of Israel—In the latter days the gospel will go to the Gentiles and then to the house of Israel—The Lord’s people will see eye to eye when He brings again Zion. About A.D. 34. Read 3 Nephi 16 here:

4 Nephi 1 | Book of Mormon Audio

Fourth Nephi The Book of Nephi Who Is the Son of Nephi—One of the Disciples of Jesus Christ An account of the people of Nephi, according to his record. Chapter 1 The Nephites and the Lamanites are all converted unto the Lord—They have all things in common, work miracles, and prosper in the land—After two… Continue reading 4 Nephi 1 | Book of Mormon Audio

Mormon 1 | Book of Mormon Audio

Ammaron instructs Mormon concerning the sacred records—War commences between the Nephites and the Lamanites—The Three Nephites are taken away—Wickedness, unbelief, sorceries, and witchcraft prevail. About A.D. 321–26. Read Mormon 1 here: