Invisible Golf Ball Prank

Website: | Subscribe! People are practicing their golf swing without actually using a ball. So imagine their surprise when plates on display start breaking in tandem with their swing! They insist they are not to blame for the smashed and broken china, but then a golf ball mysteriously appears right in front of… Continue reading Invisible Golf Ball Prank

Police Officer Club Trick Fail | Subscribe: Police officer pulls people over in their cars and starts doing tricks with his club. The cop twirls his nightstick and throws it up in the air to amuse the drivers. As a grand finale, he throws the stick up and breaks the rear window of his own police cruiser. His… Continue reading Police Officer Club Trick Fail

Vase Destruction Prank

Website: | Subscribe! Mall shoppers find an old woman’s purse on a bench and go to return it to her. But as they pick up the bag, one of the beams on the wooden bench is loose, breaking an expensive vase by having it fall and shatter it into pieces on the floor.… Continue reading Vase Destruction Prank