Speak It Into Existence: Manifesting Dreams With Clarity

It’s through our words we either create a harmonious reality, or create one of vagueness, confusion, and chaos. It’s up to us how we use our words, and it’s through the word that we choose what kind of life we want to live. Attend the Four Elements Transformation and master the Word within: https://www.spiritmysteries.com/four-elements #shorts

The Parable of the 2 Monks

If you are ready for a rapid and beautiful shift in your life, come and experience the Seven-Day Transformation. Click Here to Begin Now 🌻 https://www.spiritmysteries.com/Seven-Day-Transformation Discover the power of connection and community with Spirit Mysteries – The NEW School for Self Mastery. Click here to gain access now: https://www.spiritmysteries.school/ This special episode is a… Continue reading The Parable of the 2 Monks