Sidewalk Crack Police

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Most Extreme Police Stopping Techniques

In this episode of Xplained we’re looking at the most extreme police vehicle stopping techniques! For Copyright enquires please email us on Special thanks to: 1. KTLA5 News – (KTLA5 News Channel) 2. Sergey 322 – 3. Mifram Security – 4. Grappler Police Bumper – 5. Fox 11 LA –… Continue reading Most Extreme Police Stopping Techniques

Cops Steal Candy From Kids

Cute little kids at the park ask people passing by if they’ve seen their lollipops – all they’re left with is the candy wrappers! Some candy thief has come by and stolen their candy. Just then, they post some very bad police officers – who clearly have a terrible sweet tooth – licking on oversized… Continue reading Cops Steal Candy From Kids

Police Officer Club Trick Fail | Subscribe: Police officer pulls people over in their cars and starts doing tricks with his club. The cop twirls his nightstick and throws it up in the air to amuse the drivers. As a grand finale, he throws the stick up and breaks the rear window of his own police cruiser. His… Continue reading Police Officer Club Trick Fail