Watch Thief Prank

This girl is the most amazing watch thief in existence. She simply looks at the watches on display and suddenly they disappear from the stand. A police officer stops her and finds all the watches in her coat. A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest,… Continue reading Watch Thief Prank

Cops Steal Candy From Kids

Cute little kids at the park ask people passing by if they’ve seen their lollipops – all they’re left with is the candy wrappers! Some candy thief has come by and stolen their candy. Just then, they post some very bad police officers – who clearly have a terrible sweet tooth – licking on oversized… Continue reading Cops Steal Candy From Kids

Epic Old Man – Lunch Thief

Epic old man is a sneaky little thief. People at the mall are just trying to heat up their lunch, but grandpa’s hungry too – he uses a tricked microwave to steal people’s lunch. Prank victims open the door when they’re food is finished microwaving, only to see that it’s magically disappeared! The next minute… Continue reading Epic Old Man – Lunch Thief

Granny Grand Theft Auto

Joyriding old woman is caught red handed trying to jimmy locks and steal people’s cars in the parking lot. The thieving grandma is confronted by surprised prank victims, but right then a police officer shows up and reprimands her. Then, granny seizes the rare opportunity for grand theft auto – she hops into the driver… Continue reading Granny Grand Theft Auto

Stealing Cute Puppies Prank

People walking in a park are asked by a nice blonde woman to watch over her cute little Yorkie dog while she uses the bathroom. These prank victims get distracted however, by a lost person with a map who asks for directions. They look back and the little puppy has disappeared! They’re all pretty quick… Continue reading Stealing Cute Puppies Prank

Most Amazing Acrobat Thief Kid | Subscribe: Little sneaky kid wants to stir up some trouble, stealing a poor old woman’s purse while passersby run to catch him. The kid runs with the bag through fresh paint, leaving a trail of footprints behind. He should be easy enough to catch, no? According to these footprints though, this kid… Continue reading Most Amazing Acrobat Thief Kid