How to squeeze the maximum out of the battery?

There is an incredible number of ways to use batteries with benefit, including not for their intended purpose. Battery can be a heater for hands, cigarette lighter, electromagnet, stylus.

Do you know how to replace a lighter with a regular battery? Take a strip of foil. You can even use cigarette foil. Attach its ends to the battery poles. Take a cotton wool, napkin or small sawdust – for example, from a sharpened pencil – and bring it to the foil. Look, caught fire!

By the way, do you know how to check if this battery is new or old? Just drop it on the table. The charged battery will stand, the discharged battery will fall on its side.

You can make a real burner out of a battery and two needles for a syringe! You can burn them various inscriptions. For example, a love note for some girl 🙂

Look also at some tricks with batteries and copper wire. You can turn a wire into a magnet. Such tricks can be shown to a child, younger brother or nephew. They will love it.

I will also teach you how to charge the phone with a battery. Here is the first way. You need a battery, a key, car charger, and a stationery or scotch tape. See what to do with it. Here is also the second way to make portable charger for just 5 bucks. You need a battery, car charger and wiring.

I will teach you how to make an organizer for batteries. You don’t even have to sew or glue. You need a wide elastic band and a stapler. And check out, how to use the battery instead of the stylus. A very useful thing in the winter when you are wearing gloves!

You will see how to make a keychain-case for a charging cable with your own hands. This accessory will really like girls – they can decorate their bags with it. I will also show you how to bridle the cable so that it doesn’t fray. You need only a hair dryer, heat-shrink tubing and wool thread. Have you ever knitted? Now you can try, it’s easy.

How to charge the phone without electricity. How to make fire without matches and lighters. How to determine the used battery. How to warm a frozen battery. How to replace the missing battery with a foil or paper clip. All these tricks will also be useful on a hike or on a trip.


1:43 Battery instead of lighter
3:09 $5 portable phone charger
5:57 Homemade charging cable case
7:00 Strengthen charging cable

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