WEEK 1 – YO MAMA’s Freaky Friday Night

Freaky Friday Night (Funkin Cartoon) – Week 1
SONGS LINK – https://spoti.fi/3hIrwAX

Friday Night Funkin’ created by NinjaMuffin99

Garcello created by atsuover and Rageminer996
vs Shaggy mod created by srPerez

Animation by Izzi Rae, RedMinus and DToons

Music by Max Repka

Brody Foxx / The Devil / Frank the Cop / Shaggy & Scooby voiced by Brock Baker
Garcello and Senpai voiced by Ethan Gallardo
Angela and Kirby voiced by KaniDay
Pico voiced by Joey Russo
Zack James as himself

Written by Zack James
Joey Russo, Brock Baker, Max Repka, Izzi Rae and RedMinus

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