Alma Counsels His Sons | Alma 36–42 | Book of Mormon

Alma the younger talks to his sons one by one. First, he tells his son Helaman how important it is to be born of God. Alma promises him that if he keeps the commandments of God, he will prosper in the land. Alma hands the plates of brass over to him. It is now Helaman’s responsibility to keep a record of the people.

Alma then talks with his son Shiblon, who was faithful even when he had stones thrown at him and was persecuted by the people. Alma encourages him to put his trust in God and promises that God will continue to help him through hard times. Alma testifies that it is through Jesus Christ that everyone can be saved.

Alma’s son Corianton did not keep God’s commandments as a missionary. Alma helps him understand how serious it is to commit sexual sin. He pleads with Corianton to repent. Alma tells him that Jesus Christ will come into the world to take away our sins. He talks about the Resurrection, the judgment of God, and God’s justice and mercy. Alma encourages Corianton to look to the Savior for forgiveness.

Based on Alma 36–42.

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