The longest living princess: free ‘elixir of longevity’ that anyone can apply daily

Princess Yuriko, the eldest member of the Japanese royal family, has impressed everyone with her robust health and remarkable longevity, surpassing the COVID-19 pandemic. Her secret lies in a free “elixir of longevity” that anyone can apply daily. Her 100th birthday in early June has become a remarkable joy within the royal family.

Princess Yuriko, born in 1923, is the second daughter of Marquis Masanari Takagi. She married Prince Mikasa in 1941 and had three sons and two daughters. Although her three sons have passed away, she is happy to see her grandchildren grow up.

Princess Yuriko is the second oldest member of the Japanese royal family, born after the Meiji era (1868-1912), and has reached the age of 100, second only to her late husband, Prince Mikasa. Her life is peaceful at her residence in Akasaka Imperial Estate, Tokyo. She often spends time in her garden to enjoy the sunlight and take walks on beautiful days. In addition, she enjoys reading books, newspapers, and magazines to enhance her intellectual capacity.#happinesss #heathylifestyle #healthyandhappy
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