Everyone Should Watch This

Reality is not what you think it is… This video, something of a followup to “The Conspiracy Theory of Everything” – explores the fundamental nature of reality and how to overcome the limits of the human consciousness. Once complete, please stay tuned for a special update regarding the future of Spirit Science, and if you… Continue reading Everyone Should Watch This

The 13 Virtues of a Vibrant Merkaba (Activation Video)

Join us for a weekly meditation in Spiritverse, to strengthen our individual and collective resonance – Visit https://spiritverse.app Ever wondered what a “Merkabic Field” is, or how to activate it? This short video will provide a simple overview and means by which anyone can center themselves in, in order to become oriented to a strong… Continue reading The 13 Virtues of a Vibrant Merkaba (Activation Video)

The Secret Code of the Chakras

This week we have a free Chakra meditation we wanted to get you! May it help you clear your Chakras and renew your energy! – https://www.spiritmysteries.com/chakra-meditation This episode continues our journey into the Chakras, as we discuss and explore the hidden code found within the Chakras. The more we understand this code, the clearer we… Continue reading The Secret Code of the Chakras

The Process of Activating your Chakras

If you’re looking to master your body of consciousness, discover the secrets of Esoteric Emotional Mastery – https://www.spiritmysteries.com/learn-more-esoteric-emotional-mastery Our remake of the Chakra series returns with Part 2 ~ The Lower Chakras – in which we explore the journey into higher consciousness, by mastering our root frequencies… Ever wanted a space where you could share… Continue reading The Process of Activating your Chakras