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FUNNY DECOR PROJECTS FOR YOUR PHONE || 5-Minute Decor Crafts With Everyday Items!

We know how to upgrade your boring phone case! Here you’ll find a lot of decor and macrame ideas and easy photo transfer hacks.
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00:14 Magic phone case decor
01:07 Scarf decor idea
02:29 Handmade pillow
03:13 Denim phone case
04:12 Beautiful ideas with flowers
05:39 Macramé ideas
06:35 Easy DIY photo transfer
07:22 Phone case decor idea
09:06 Easy ways to upgrade your phone case

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#4 Idea



Embroidery has been around for ages, but it was only recently when it came back in fashion and we wanted to help you master your embroidery and sewing skills as well. These designs that we prepared for you are perfect to create on your shirts, jeans or any other plain clothing item you have to give it some color and style it according to your taste.

The first design we have is a beautiful flower that resembles a daisy. Then you take a colorful thread of your choice and you run the base of through the fabric and then around a wide-tooth-comb. Each leaf that you create your run it through a different comb tooth. Finally, when you have your desired amount of leaves you cut the edge of the flower off using scissors. There you have it, you created a beautiful 3D daisy for your clothes.

Another little creation we demonstrate is the braided cross and it is very simple to create. This one is ideal to do on your jacket as a pattern or use different sizes and colors to decorate your jacket and give it a new life. You first sew straight lines and then starting from the top you sew in a zig-zag motion and you move on downwards. You do the same process in each direction and then you end up with a cross. You can even go the extra mile and add more braids to turn it into a star.

Is there a hole in your leather jacket but it’s too valuable for you to throw away? Then, why not fix it use the art of embroidery and the beauty if leaves. You first circle the outline of your leaf on the jacket to make sure that you’ll get the form accurately. Then, you saw from the middle to the top and then from the top to the left and then on the right. This way you’ll create your first layout. Then you repeat the same process moving downwards until you reach the end. Watch the video demonstration to see how easy it is.

If you are a beginner to sewing then you will love this hack. We know how difficult it is to sew on a straight line with while having the same amount of distance between each threat. So, the best way to fix it is by using a wide tooth comb. You place it down and sew through it and then on top of it. It is that simple.

We also have awesome ways to buttons on your shirt. You can sew them in a floral shape or even create a spider. You can use this method to decorate your clothes or sew different buttons on a canvas and create a masterpiece for your living room. In addition to that, we have different methods for you to sew different flowers such as a dandelion, different color roses, daisies, cherries, and even little hearts.

As a bonus, we demonstrate a few ways to make your own buttons from scratch using the base of a bottle cap and some fabric. Another awesome way is to create a button out of hot glue and sparkly glitter. Stay tuned until the end to see all of our fun tutorials.
0:40 – 3D flower
1:38 – How to fix your leather jacket
2:06 – How to sew even stitches
3:22 – Thread loops
4:43 – Awesome heart sewing tutorial
5:49 – Simple embroidered flowers for beginners
9:04 – Different ways to sew buttons
9:24 – DIY spider button
10:28 – How to make buttons
11:05 – Awesome hot glue button
12:43 – Types of stitches tutorial
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#4 Idea

Making $35,000 Bonsai Scissors

When it comes to Japanese craftsmanship, knives often get all the glory. But in the city of Sakai, where traditional metalwork goes back centuries, there is one man who has built his legacy on something a little different. Master blacksmith Yasuhiro Hirakawa is the only traditional scissor maker left in Japan. Using ancient methods, Hirakawa’s legendary scissors can take four times longer to forge than a traditional knife. To buy one of his creations can set you back a hefty amount—his most expensive pair of scissors cost $35,000. For bonsai craftsmen like Masakazu Yoshikawa, however, it’s a small price to pay for the chance to work with the highest quality tools.

This Great Big Story video was inspired by Genesis.


#Japan #SmallBusiness #Bonsai

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#3 Invention

4 Amazing Spider Robots You Must Wish To Have

Cool 4 AI Robot – Awesome Spider Robot You Must Wish To Have.
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1.T8X –

Looks like a spider. Moves like a spider.
Aesthetically and behaviorally realistic, the T8X is the only robot in the market that combines so much resemblance to a real spider with fine movements, programmability, and customizability. With 26 servo motors packed inside the robot and powered by the proprietary Bigfoot™ Robotics Engine, which contains advanced robotics algorithms for controlling multi-legged walking robots, there are endless possibilities for the types of bio-inspired, realistic movements that the robot can make.

2. BionicWheelBot
Walk and roll like a flic-flac spider.

Like its biological model, the flic-flac spider, the BionicWheelBot can both walk and roll. Together with its discoverer, Professor Ingo Rechenberg, the Festo bionics team has used these unique movement patterns and turned them into a technical masterpiece for the Hannover Messe 2018. it is twice as fast in so-called rolling mode than when walking. However, where it is uneven, it is faster walking normally. As such, in the desert, where both types of terrain can be found, it is able to move safely and efficiently.

3. MorpHex MKI –

Called the MorpHex MKII, it’s a six-legged walking robot that can morph its sectioned-off body into a sphere, then roll around on the ground. The previous generation, MKI, could only roll around in circles, but this one is capable of moving in straight lines, you know, for chasing you. It looks like the Sphero of your nightmares.

4. HEXA is a six-legged, highly maneuverable robot that can overcome obstacles and change its walking gait. It’s designed as a platform for people to learn how to program robots.

HEXA is a multi-functional all-terrain robot. It is easy to control with your mobile devices – it can walk and climb, take photos and videos, check your backyards and dance to the beat! You can connect HEXA at anywhere with its own WiFi. Plus, with HEXA you can create the applications you’ve been dreaming of. Besides the hardware parts, HEXA comes with an OS, open-source SDK and 3D simulator. Play, learn and be creative with HEXA, it is more than just a robot.

#Bestrobot #Spiderrobot #Robotics

#3 Invention

Pardis Sabeti’s New Look at Infectious Disease

The American Ingenuity Award winner is on the brink of using the human genome to provide better diagnostics for deadly diseases

#3 Invention

Qualcomm Developer Network Resources

Visit Qualcomm Developer Network at

#3 Invention

Lamborghini Belador Hybrid Supercar Concept

Lamborghini Belador Hybrid Supercar Concept

Project Author: Sergey Dvornytskyy ( )

Music: Rock Angel By Joakim Karud

Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

Google +:

#2 Business

Undercover Boss: A Fictionalized Case Study

Case study: An airline boss goes undercover to gather ideas for speeding up the cleaning of planes in between flights. Watch the video and let us know what you’d do.

#2 Business

Judge Judy’s Advice On How To Make It At Any Age | Forbes Live

From building confidence to negotiating for what you deserve, Judge Judy shares hard-won wisdom for women
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#2 Business

Electronic Funds Transfer as a payment method in AdSense

In this video, Karoline will be taking you through the steps you need to follow to receive your payments by Electronic Funds Transfer.

To learn more, you can have a look at the sources below.

Google AdSense Help Center:
EFT troubleshooter:
Is EFT available in my country?
Google AdSense Website:
Google AdSense Blog:

Depending on which country your bank is located in, the test deposit will appear in your bank account under one of the following labels:

Google AdSense Payment

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