10 Things to Know About Your Xbox | This Week on Xbox

In this special holiday episode, we run through 10 great tips for your Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, followed by fresh news.
0:00 Introduction
0:19 Home Xbox
1:04 Create Groups
1:42 Xbox Mobile Apps
2:33 Console Power
2:50 Storage
4:02 Music
4:22 Achievement Tracker
4:44 Game Stats
5:03 Video and Audio
5:50 Looking for Group
6:23 Family Settings App
6:48 Override 2: Super Mech League
7:13 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
7:38 Games with Gold
7:57 World of Warships: Legends
8:05 World of Tanks
8:13 Black Desert
8:23 ARK: Survival Evolved
8:37 Secret Neighbor
8:54 Countdown Sale

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