Matthew West – Me On Your Mind || Exclusive K-LOVE Performance

If you’ve tuned into K-LOVE over the past few months, then you’ve certainly taken comfort in a message from Matthew West.

The singer/songwriter recently visited the K-LOVE studios to perform an acoustic version of his hit song, “Me On Your Mind,” to remind us of that very fact – we are always on God’s mind.

“I hear people tell me that they heard one of my songs at just the right moment when they needed to hear it,” West said. “Is that a coincidence? No, that’s just proof upon proof upon proof that He is mindful of us, that He is seeking us out. John 3:16 – for God so loved the world, but when we dare to believe that our name fits in that space? For God so loved me? Can that be true? Thank you, God, that it is. That’s what this song means to me.”

Enjoy this moving rendition of “Me On Your Mind.”

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