Beach preach’n at Michigan City Beach

On the summer days, s4c took advantage of the opportunity to preach the gospel on the beach in Michigan city

The Real ENEMY behind the Race Wars

Learn about who is behind the race wars taking place in many countries, today, and what is the ultimate agenda. Also learn the Truth behind the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The 2 Resurrections of which YOU will rise up in

The Fact of life is that all must face death at some point unless we are alive in Christ we He comes again. All the dead will come up in one of 2 resurrections. Learn about the 2 resurrections and how you can be prepared for the resurrection that leads to eternal life in this… Continue reading The 2 Resurrections of which YOU will rise up in

3 Angels Message Final Warning to the World

All the prophetic signs in the Bible are being fulfilled and Jesus is soon to come. Does God have a final warning message that will prepare us for His coming? Absolutely! Watch this exciting video and find out what that powerful message is!

Psalms 91 and the Covid-19 Pandemic

One of the benefits of service God is Divine protection during disasters, pandemics and other crises. Learn about what it really means to dwell in the secret place of the Most High.