Lehi’s Family Sails to the Promised Land | 1 Nephi 18 | Book of Mormon

Lehi’s family continues their journey to the promised land. After days at sea, Nephi’s brothers and the sons of Ishmael and their wives begin to offend the Spirit with inappropriate singing, dancing, and rude speech. When Nephi counsels them to stop for fear that the Lord will become angry with them, Laman and Lemuel take him and bind him with cords. The Liahona ceases to work, and a great storm beats against the ship for three days. On the fourth day, when Laman and Lemuel are certain they will be swallowed up by the storm, they begin to see that the judgments of God are upon them so they release Nephi. The Liahona begins to work again, and Nephi steers the ship toward the promised land. Lehi’s family arrives at the promised land.

Based on 1 Nephi 18.

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