Christian Rap – Kamban – Got To Go music video

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“I wrote this song in the middle of a spiritual battle. At a time where the world clamors for our attention in so many different ways, I found myself getting stagnant and not as passionate about my relationship with Christ.

I remember telling God I was “All In” just a few months before. Now, time spent with God felt more like a chore. Yet, I still knew I could never go back to my Old life. I didn’t want to, but I felt like this cloud was hanging over top of me.

In the song, I go back and forth between being frustrated and yet still declaring the truth about God’s love. “No going back”, but not knowing how to let go entirely in order to go forward.

In the hook I ask the question.. “Are you gon’ gain the world..?” I already left behind the past life and deleted every ounce of my secular music because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ. I already counted the cost. So why am I struggling?

In the end, I know I’ve made my decision. “I’ve lost control.” I gave up control of my life so God could have it. And in turn I get to experience the greatest pleasure I’ve ever known… to passionately declare what God has done in my life and to have a relationship with Him.

I was focused on his judgment and even though he never left, I felt like he was distant. As soon as I focused on his all-encompassing forgiveness, I couldn’t wait to spend time with him again. ”

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