Ferrari Drives on Water

This Ferrari can drive on water! This is one of the newest luxury billionaire toys in Dubai and the world’s first water supercar. Today Sergi and Nicki show you around this millionaire toy and how it works. These jetski/boat supercars is currently based off of Corvette and Ferrari but will also include Bentley, Aston Martin… Continue reading Ferrari Drives on Water

Revealing the World’s First Supercar Blondie Headquarters

Supercar Blondie here. This is our brand new, world’s first Supercar Blondie headquarters and office. The office is floating on an artificial palm on the water, in Dubai. Step inside and meet the Supercar Blondie Team! If you want to JOIN the Supercar Blondie Team you can APPLY HERE: Thanks to our sponsors: Studio… Continue reading Revealing the World’s First Supercar Blondie Headquarters

The Secrets of Spiritual Money

Can you imagine a world where your spiritual journey is fully aligned with your financial abundance? Check out this Exclusive Masterclass we’ve just created, watch now: For years and years, I have been told “Money and Spirituality don’t go together” – but this is a limiting perspective… All things are connected in the field… Continue reading The Secrets of Spiritual Money