How to Think and Grow Rich

Are you struggling with the “spirituality” of money? Discover a new way of balancing your spiritual priorities with your desire for financial abundance with our full course… One of the most famous “success manuals” of the world today is actually one that teaches how to generate wealth by being psychic. This is one of… Continue reading How to Think and Grow Rich

The Secrets of Spiritual Money

Can you imagine a world where your spiritual journey is fully aligned with your financial abundance? Check out this Exclusive Masterclass we’ve just created, watch now: For years and years, I have been told “Money and Spirituality don’t go together” – but this is a limiting perspective… All things are connected in the field… Continue reading The Secrets of Spiritual Money

Patchman’s Magic Prosperity Affirmations

Use these in meditation to shift your mindset and your reality into prosperity and abundance! When I talk to members of this beautiful Spirit community, I hear often that finances are the #1 issue in life. I have also been crashed by the waves of financial issues, which compelled me to learn more about money… Continue reading Patchman’s Magic Prosperity Affirmations