God’s Story: Paul and Silas

Part of God’s story is about Paul and Silas. They were friends who wanted to serve God and told His story to others. It wasn’t always easy but they really wanted people to know that God loved them. Check out more videos (and other cool stuff) at http://crossroadskidsclub.net/

10 Commandments and Golden Calf l God’s Story

God has amazing plans for us. All we have to do is trust that He knows what’s best. Check out this story of how God gave his people special commandments to help them follow him! There’s all kinds of cool stuff on the Kids’ Club channel for you to explore and we’re always updating with… Continue reading 10 Commandments and Golden Calf l God’s Story


When trials and tests come, how do you react? Do you become selfish and scared, or do you face the challenges with patience, faith, and love for others? How you react could change your life and the lives of those around you, for better or worse. Elder James B. Martino taught, “In our trials, let… Continue reading Reflections